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Ninad's Homepage

Chembur, Mumbai

Welcome to an INDIAN Page

Hello friends!

This is Ninad Gupte. I hail from the land of culture, beauty, and education, India. I live in one of the most busiest cities of the world, Mumbai (formerly called Bombay), which is the captial of Maharashtra.

Who am I ?

Born in a Maharashtrian family 22 years ago, I happen to be the second son of my dad, who is the Director of a Computer Sales and Maintenance organisation, NTT Computers & Communications. I am currently doing my final year of Electronics Engineering, from Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College, which is affiliated to the Bombay University, and I spend an awful amount of time with my computer. Fortunately, I am a bachelor and hence can do so :-) I have most of my hobbies related to computers. I do a bit of programming in languages like BASIC (very long ago), Fortran (not very long ago), PASCAL and C as part of my academics. Along with that, I am also doing a project currently in PowerBuilder with Dragon Systems, a software concern. The software deals with the transactions of stock market brokers. The package is designed to be a total solution to their complicated transactions, and is titled MEBOS (Multi Exchange Back Office System).

The purpose of my Homepage

Well, frankly speaking, even I don't know the purpose of this homepage. I wanted to learn some HTML, and also make a mark of myself on the Internet. Now that I have have made my presence felt, let me give you some cool stuff. I usually maintain a list of good sites in my mind :-) , which I come across on the net. Now I am putting them in writing here. My interests swing from Hindi movies (Bollywood) to adventure Games and the latest in Electronics. So obviously, I will present some of the best sites on these subjects. You may send in your contributions for the same.

Please send me your comments about this page, by signing the Guestbook.Suggestions and criticisms are always welcome, and I will try implementing them very soon.
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